What is the correct way of making coffee

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Coffee is a very popular drink, and making coffee is also very simple, but making coffee with good taste still requires some skills. Let’s introduce the correct way to make coffee.

What is the correct way of making coffee
Level: Easy
Yield: 2 servings


coffee bean 14g
Hot water Water powder ratio 16:1
coffee cup About 200ml cup


  • First boil the water, put the filter paper into the filter cup, then put it on the container, pour a little hot water to wet the filter paper, shake the filtered hot water in the container, warm the cup, and then pour it out. This step is to prevent; Suddenly cold and sour. If you use a sharing pot, both the pot and the cup should be scalded.

  • The thickness of coffee bean powder and coffee powder should be adjusted between fine sugar and coarse sugar. If it is too coarse, it is easy to be flat and bitter, and if the details are chaotic, you will have a better and better experience if you enjoy it carefully.

  • Pour hot water in proportion to make the kettle. When it is about 75-92 degrees, slowly pour a small part from the middle of soybean flour until it bulges like a hill. The principle here is that the water temperature of deep beans is low and that of shallow beans is high.

    But make a cup of [coffee] by hand
  • Wait for twenty or thirty seconds until several drops of coffee drops under the filter cup. This is stuffy steaming.

    But make a cup of [coffee] by hand
  • Pour the remaining hot water from the middle of the bean flour twice, make a spiral circle outward, and then draw a circle back to the middle. The water flow here shall be as smooth and uniform as possible. Note: do not wash water on the filter paper during the whole brewing process, and do not break through the barrier formed by soybean powder.

    But make a cup of [coffee] by hand
  • It takes about 2 ~ 3 minutes from stuffy steaming to completion. The brewing time of soybean flour is correspondingly prolonged. Generally speaking, about three minutes is appropriate.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 118.5 g ) :
calories1.2 calories
carbohydrate0 g
cholesterol0 mg
fat0 g
fiber0 g
protein0.1 g
saturatedFat0 g
sodium2.4 mg
sugar0 g
transFat0 g


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