Recipes with Potato

Food recipes that use potatoes as ingredients, such as potato-flavored pizza, bread, etc.

  • How to Make Sweet Potato Syrup

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    Ingredients Peach gum Sweet Potato Egg Milk Ginger slices Rock sugar Instructions Soak peach gum one night in advance and remove impurities for standby. Put some water, ginger slices and […]

  • Sweet Potato Sticky Rice Cheese Pie Recipe

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    Ingredients Sweet Potato 200g glutinous rice flour 100g Cheese (cheese cheese) One piece White sugar 30g Soybean oil 2L Water, bread bran appropriate amount Low-gluten flour 20g Instructions Peel, wash, […]

  • Easy Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

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    Ingredients Sweet Potato 2 shredded pancake 3 sheets White sugar Instructions Peel and slice sweet potato, steam and press into sweet potato paste. Put the cake soft and set aside. […]

  • Potato Bacon Pizza Recipe

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    Ingredients Potato One Bacon 3 pieces Cheese appropriate amount ketchup appropriate amount Olive oil appropriate amount black pepper appropriate amount Instructions Prepare all the ingredients. Peel the potatoes and cut […]

  • Purple Sweet Potato Bread Recipe

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    Ingredients High-gluten flour 150g Sugar 10g Yeast 2g Salt 1g Milk 80-85 ml Butter 15g Purple Potato paste About 150g Whole Egg liquid Appropriate amount Instructions Take out the milk […]