Recipes with Peanut

Food recipes using Peanut as ingredients, such as bread, syrup, etc.

  • Chinese peanut soy milk recipe

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    Ingredients Soybeans 30 g Rice 10 g Millet 10 g Peanuts 5 g Sugar appropriate amount Water 1000ml Instructions Wash all the ingredients, put them all into the wall breaker […]

  • Chinese Multigrain Soy Milk Recipe

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    Ingredients Soybeans, red beans, black beans, Peanuts 100 g Water 650 g boiling water 900 g Sesame, walnut, cashew nut appropriate amount Rock sugar powder appropriate amount Instructions Soak the […]

  • Easy Homemade Peanut Soy Milk Recipe

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    Ingredients Peanuts 30 g Soya beans 30 g Pure Milk 100ml Water 200ml Instructions Soak peanuts and soybeans for more than 6 ~ 8 hours after washing. Or soak in […]

  • Milk Peanut Tremella Soup Recipe

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    Ingredients Raw Peanuts 500 g Tremella Half flower Lotus root powder 15 g Pure Milk 250 ml Rock sugar 200 g Water 2 liters Instructions Peanuts soak one night in […]

  • Easy Peanut Butter Jam Sandwich Recipe

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    Ingredients Toast 4-6 tablets Peanut butter 2-3 spoons Jam 2-3 spoons Instructions Take out the toast and coat one piece with a tablespoon of peanut butter and the other with […]