Recipes with Peach

Use peaches to make delicious cakes, puffs, jellies and other foods.

  • Easy homemade yellow peach syrup

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    Ingredients Yellow Peach 1000 g Rock sugar 80 g clean water 500ml Instructions Peel the yellow peaches and cut them into pieces. Add water to the pot, add the yellow […]

  • Hawthorn peach syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Hawthorn cake A small piece Rock sugar 30 g clean water 800 g honey Peach 1 fruit of Chinese wolfberry appropriate amount Sweet Potato starch 25 g Instructions Wash […]

  • Peach Jelly Cheese cake Recipe(6 inches)

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    Ingredients Peach Jelly Peach (or other seasonal fruit) 1 Rock sugar 1 tbsp (according to personal taste) Water 50ml White jelly 2g Chiffon cake Egg 3 low-gluten flour 80g Fine […]

  • Homemade Peach Jelly Recipe

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    Ingredients Milk 250ml (or water, beverage, etc.) Sugar 10 g Fruits Peach Gelatin powder 12g (gelatine tablets and white jelly are OK) Instructions Put the diced peaches in the container. […]

  • How to Make Peach Puffs

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    Ingredients [pastry] Butter 42 g (softened at room temperature) low-gluten flour 50 g berry sugar 20 g Red velvet liquid 1 drop [puff] Water 75 g Butter 40 g Salt […]