Recipes with Mango

Use mango to make delicious ice cream, juice, pudding and other foods

  • Simple healthy mango pudding recipe

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    Ingredients Milk 250ml Mango 3 White sugar appropriate amount Gelatin sheets 1 piece Instructions Peel 3 mangoes, then cut into small pieces for later use. Gelatine sheets are soaked in […]

  • Simple mango pudding recipe

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    Ingredients Mango 1 Milk 250g unsalted butter 50g berry sugar 35g Gelatine tablets 10g Instructions Dice mango and set aside. Soak gelatine tablets in cold water, pour in half milk, […]

  • Easy Mango Coconut Jelly Recipe

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    Ingredients Coconut Milk 56g Milk 250g Light cream 145g White sugar 60g Gillette Tablets 32g Mango 2 Instructions Prepare all the ingredients. Soak the gillette tablets in ice water. Be […]

  • Simple mango ice cream recipe with milk

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    Ingredients Light cream 250 g Pure Milk 100 g Egg yolk 2 White granulated sugar 45 g Mango puree 150g Instructions Take the egg yolk, add fine granulated sugar, and […]

  • Easy homemade mango ice cream recipe

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    Ingredients Mango 2 (About 260g) Whipping cream 250 g Zero calorie powdered sugar 30 g Condensed Milk 30g Instructions The ingredients are ready. Peel and core mango, cut into small […]

  • How to make mango ice cream

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    Ingredients Mango 500 g Cream 120g Instructions Cut mango into pieces, weigh out 500g and put it in the refrigerator for quick freezing. Pour in the quick-frozen cream. Pour in […]

  • How to make mango jelly at home

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    Ingredients Mango 170g White jelly 20 g Rock sugar 20 g Water 300g Instructions Pour 170g mango, 20g rock sugar, 20g white jelly and 300g water into the pot. Bring […]

  • Sydney Mango Juice Recipe

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    Ingredients snow pear 1 Mango 1 Lemon Half Honey or rock sugar few Instructions Mango Sydney lemon peeled and cored. Put the mango, pear and lemon in the juicer. Mix […]

  • Healthy Mango Pie Recipe

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    Ingredients Butter 130g low-gluten flour 230g Granulated sugar 15g Salt 3g Egg 2 Milk 40g Mango jam 200g Mango 1 Butter liquid (extra portion) appropriate amount Corn starch 10g Instructions […]

  • Quick Mango Pudding Recipe

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    Ingredients Mango meat 350g unsalted butter 125ml Milk 250ml Fish glue slices 1 piece and a half berry sugar 50g Instructions I cut it in half. Small pudding cup, about […]

  • Easy Milk Mango Pudding Recipe

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    Ingredients Milk 250 g White granulated sugar 15 g Mango 2 White jelly 30 g Instructions Cut mango into pieces and set aside. Pour a 250ml bottle of pure milk […]

  • Mango Pudding Recipe

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    Ingredients Mango 2 (500g) Milk 100g unsalted butter 100g White granulated sugar 30g gelatin sheets 2 tablets (10g) Instructions Cut the mango into small pieces and remove the mango meat. […]