Recipes with Cranberry

Use cranberries to make delicious foods, such as bread, biscuits, juice, etc.

  • Homemade peach gum cranberry syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Peach gum 25 g Cranberry 15 g Tremella 1 Rock sugar appropriate amount Instructions Soak the peach gum for 12-24 hours, squeeze it with no lumps in the middle. […]

  • Cranberry cookies recipe with dried cranberries

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    Ingredients Low gluten powder 230g Egg liquid (beat the whole egg through) 30g Butter 140g Powdered sugar (Caster sugar) 90g Dried cranberries 50g Instructions Soften the butter with water, add […]

  • How to Make Cranberry Juice

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    Ingredients Cranberry fresh fruit 1 disc Cranberry juice 450 g White jelly 15-20 g Milk or coconut milk 1 cup Instructions Pour the cranberry fruit into the Juicer. Pour in […]

  • Easy Cranberry Coconut Bread Recipe

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    Ingredients Dough material High-gluten flour 170 g Low-gluten flour 50 g Milk 85 g Whole Egg liquid 25 g unsalted butter 30 g Sugar 30 g Salt 2 g Yeast […]

  • Cranberry Shredded Toast Bread Recipe

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    Ingredients High-gluten flour 250 g Caster sugar 20 g Egg 1 Milk About 120g Yeast 3 g Butter 20 g Salt 3 g Cranberry 60 g RUM appropriate amount Butter […]