Recipes with Apple

Apple-related recipes, such as apple juice, apple pie.

  • Apple red bean soy milk recipe

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    Ingredients Red bean 200 g Big Apple 1 Yellow rock sugar 15 g Water appropriate amount Instructions Clean the red beans, peel and cut the apples, and then put the […]

  • Bitter Gourd Apple Juice Recipe

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    Ingredients Balsam pear 1 / 3 pcs (120g) Apple 1 (200g) Water appropriate amount Instructions Wash one balsam pear and cut it in half to remove the pulp. A balsam […]

  • How to Make a Simple Apple Pie

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    Ingredients shredded pancake 3 sheets Apple 1 Sugar 25 g Shuidian powder 100 g yolk 1 Black sesame a little Instructions Preheating in advance; Cut the apple into pieces and […]

  • 6-inch Apple Pie Recipe

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    Ingredients Low-gluten flour 100g Butter 55g Sugar 30g Salt 1g yolk 1 Protein Half Apple One Butter 10g Sugar 15g lemon juice 2 tablespoons Apple One Butter Right amount Granulated […]

  • Simple Apple Pie Recipe

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    Ingredients Pie dough low-gluten flour 300 g Butter 120 g berry sugar 30 g Salt A handful Water 95 g Apple stuffing Apple 3 fine white sugar 100 g Butter […]