Sweet Potato Sticky Rice Cheese Pie Recipe

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This sweet potato cheese pie comes from a quick-frozen sweet potato mung bean pie I had eaten many years ago. I thought it was very delicious, so I studied and improved it into a sweet potato cheese pie.

Sweet Potato Sticky Rice Cheese Pie Recipe
Level: Easy
Yield: 12 servings


Sweet Potato 200g
glutinous rice flour 100g
Cheese (cheese cheese) One piece
White sugar 30g
Soybean oil 2L
Water, bread bran appropriate amount
Low-gluten flour 20g


  • Peel, wash, steam and mash sweet potato!

  • Put white sugar, glutinous rice flour and thin flour in the sweet potato paste, add an appropriate amount of water, knead it like dough, and knead it into dough for standby!

  • Cut the cheese into small pieces, divide the kneaded dough into the same amount of small dosage, press it into dough, put a piece of cheese in each, and make it into the shape of small sweet potato!

  • Put water in a bowl, wet the wrapped sweet potato pie with water and wrap it with bran!

  • After burning oil to 70% hot, put sweet potato pie in the oil pan, fry until the skin turns yellow, change to medium fire, fry until golden, and you can get out of the pot! Sweet potato pie is ready!


When frying sweet potato pie, the oil may splash you to avoid being hot, Be sure to pay attention to the oil pan.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 154 g ) :
calories394 calories
carbohydrate50 g
cholesterol84 mg
fat20 g
fiber2.3 g
protein4.6 g
saturatedFat10 g
sodium238 mg
sugar31 g
transFat0.5 g


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