Sugar-free And Oil-free Puff Recipe

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Weight loss and fitness is a long process, but you can't live without sweets! So I made this sugar-free and oil-free version of the puff, tried many times to find out the right ratio, and shared it with friends who care about calories and greedy.

Sugar-free And Oil-free Puff Recipe
Level: Easy
Yield: 12 servings


coconut oil 15 g
low-gluten flour 75 g
Milk 180 g
Egg 2


  • Put 180g milk and 15g coconut oil or butter in the pot, heat it over low heat until it boils, pour 75g low gluten flour, turn it over with a shovel and scald the noodles until they are cooked.

    [fat reducing baking] sugar free and oil-free puff
  • Cool the cooked noodles until they are not hot. Add the egg liquid of two eggs and stir them into a paste. Try to keep the final batter free of particles.

    [fat reducing baking] sugar free and oil-free puff
  • Because oil is rarely used, flour has strong water absorption. If the egg liquid of two eggs is still too thick after adding, add some milk appropriately. When the batter is scooped up with a shovel, it will have an inverted triangle and can be retained. Too dry and too thin will affect the expansion of puffs.

    [fat reducing baking] sugar free and oil-free puff
  • Pour the batter into the flower mounting bag, spread oil paper on the baking tray and squeeze it into balls. Heat 200 degrees, lower 180 degrees, bake in the middle layer for 12 minutes, then lower 20 degrees up and down to continue baking for 18 minutes.

    [fat reducing baking] sugar free and oil-free puff
  • Baked out should be a very obvious hollow structure.

    [fat reducing baking] sugar free and oil-free puff
  • In a small experiment, the thicker batter (left) will not hair, and the middle is not hollow enough. The thinner batter (right) can't retain the pattern of the flower mounting mouth, but the hair is larger and hollow. If you don't care about the appearance, you'd rather be thin than thick.

    [fat reducing baking] sugar free and oil-free puff
  • The filling is made of coarse grain, sugar substitute and milk to make a thin mud instead of cream. I like chestnut mud or yam mud best. Just poke a small hole in the bottom of the puff and squeeze it in.

    [fat reducing baking] sugar free and oil-free puff


Question 1: puffs are not hollow enough

This is the most common problem. The key steps include: whether the flour is completely cooked at the beginning, the batter cannot be too dry (see Step 6 small experiment), and the temperature must be high enough to expand rapidly when entering the oven.

Question 2: how to adjust the oven temperature

Everyone's oven is different and may need to be fine tuned: the first half is high temperature to expand the puff, and the second half is roasting + coloring + maintaining the shape without cracking.

If the expansion is not large enough, raise the fire in the first half, and lower the fire if the bottom color is too dark. If the outside is colored and the inside is not ripe enough, lower the temperature in the second half and prolong the time. The middle layer expands more beautifully than the lower layer, but it is also easy to crack. It is best to observe by the oven for the first time.

Question 3: the puff collapsed and couldn't squeeze into the filling

Take it out to air immediately after baking. Don't stay in the oven, it will collapse and harden;

Question 4: the stuffing is not easy to squeeze

With the long mouth puff mouth in the picture, it is much smoother than the ordinary small flower mounting mouth. The inner filling should be fine and smooth enough. If it can't be moved, you can add some milk. If you use cream directly, you should not encounter this problem.

Question 5: there are particles in batter

I now directly put it in the cooking machine. There is no cooking machine that can be replaced by a juicer. If I only beat it by hand, it will be helpful to add a small amount of egg juice many times. Personal experience is that even some particles do not affect the final product.

Finally, eating this won't make you thin, but you will feel less guilty when you are greedy and want dessert during the weight loss period. If you eat puffs, remember to reduce the amount of carbon water consumed by other staple foods that day.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 46 g ) :
calories130 calories
carbohydrate12.4 g
cholesterol24 mg
fat6.8 g
fiber0.4 g
protein4.4 g
saturatedFat2.6 g
sodium210 mg
sugar0.5 g
transFat0.1 g


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