Simple soy milk honey cake recipe

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Put the eggs and sugar into an egg beater and beat them well with an egg beater. The original recipe uses 2 whole eggs + an additional egg yolk. I did the same

Simple soy milk honey cake recipe
Level: Easy
Yield: 4 servings


High-gluten flour 80 g
Egg 2
Yolk 1
Granulated sugar 80g
Honey 30 g
Soybean Milk 40 ml
Salad oil 15 ml


  • Put the eggs and sugar in the egg beater and beat them thoroughly with a whisk.

    Soybean milk honey cake
  • Whole eggs are easiest to beat at 40°C, so it is recommended to place the egg beater in warm water for full beaten until the eggs become thick and creamy, and the marks on the beater will not disappear easily.

    Soybean milk honey cake
  • Heat the soy milk and honey together (I used the microwave oven for 30 seconds) until the honey melts. Pour into the egg batter and continue to beat.

    Soybean milk honey cake
  • Sift in the high-gluten flour and mix well.

    Soybean milk honey cake
  • When there is no dry powder, pour in 15ml of salad oil and continue to mix evenly. Pay attention to the technique to avoid a lot of defoaming. Then pour it into the mold, grease the mold or put greased paper in advance. Then shake it a few times and shake out large bubbles that are too rough.

    Soybean milk honey cake
  • Put it into the oven preheated to 160℃ in advance, the middle and lower layer, about 40 minutes, the time can be flexibly adjusted according to the oven temperature. After being out of the oven, the buckle is placed on the grid to cool down, the oil paper is torn off, and the mold is demolded.

    Soybean milk honey cake
  • Cut the cake into pieces, Done.

    Soybean milk honey cake

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 101 g ) :
calories330 calories
carbohydrate53 g
cholesterol28 mg
fat12 g
fiber0.9 g
protein3.3 g
saturatedFat1.1 g
sodium209 mg
sugar35 g
transFat0.3 g


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