Simple Homemade Durian Ice Cream Recipe

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First, mix the egg yolk and all the sugar together, heat over water, and keep stirring until the egg yolk is thick.

Simple Homemade Durian Ice Cream Recipe
Level: Easy
Yield: 4 servings


Durian 138 g
yolk 2
Pure Milk 40 g
Light cream 200 g
Sugar 40g


  • First, mix the Egg yolk and all the sugar together, heat over water, and keep stirring until the egg yolk is thick. The heat for heating over water should not be too large. Generally, a low heat is good, and stirring must be kept, otherwise it will form agglomerates. It will be better to use a manual whisk when stirring.

    Homemade durian ice cream
  • The cream does not need to be added to the cream, and it is said that it should be beaten until it can barely flow, so don't beat it when you beat it. I use Oldberg's cream. I think it is better than the iron tower and the blue windmill. The main reason is that it has a small package and is cheap and good quality.

    Homemade durian ice cream
  • Take 80 grams of durian and crush it into puree with milk. The normal recipes are all this amount, because I bought so many durians, I put the remaining durian meat directly in it later, and there will be pulp when I eat it.

  • Mix the durian puree with the cooled egg yolk paste.

  • Finally, mix the whipped cream and the durian egg yolk paste liquid together. I want to be lazy and use a whisk to make a splash, but it spattered, and then I mixed it by hand. The remaining durian flesh added after mixing.

  • Let it freeze in the freezer for 1 hour, then take it out and stir. It can be stirred about 3 times in total. When stirring, I hope everyone will not be afraid of wasting energy. You can stir for a few more minutes, because I saved the effort, but afterwards, I felt a little scum.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 132 g ) :
calories273 calories
carbohydrate31 g
cholesterol58 mg
fat15 g
fiber0.9 g
protein4.6 g
saturatedFat9 g
sodium106 mg
sugar28 g
transFat0 g


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