Salted Cheese Milk Tea Recipe

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The salty cheese milk tea smells fragrant, and the light salty taste makes the milk tea taste more silky, with a sweet aftertaste, and sweet but not greasy.

Salted Cheese Milk Tea Recipe
Level: Easy
Yield: 2 servings


Black tea powder / tea appropriate amount
drinking water 100-150 g
Milk 250-300g
Light cream / milk chewing 100 g
Reconstituted Cheese / small triangle cheese 2 pieces / 2 pieces
Fried rice / broken biscuits Appropriate amount (can be omitted)
Salt Appropriate amount (can be omitted)


  • Add black tea powder and water to the pot and bring to a boil. (if you want strong tea, you can cook it for a while and increase the water appropriately).

    Salted milk tea with cheese
  • Pour in milk and cream.

    Salted milk tea with cheese
  • Add cheese slices after bubbling at the edge. (if the saltiness is not enough, add some salt); After stirring and melting, turn off the heat and pour into the cup. (if you use tea, you can add a filter screen to the cup).

    Salted milk tea with cheese
  • You can see the milk skin.

    Salted milk tea with cheese


The cover picture shows that the tea powder is boiled for a short time, the color is not deep, and the tea flavor is not strong.

Milk and light cream should not be poured too early, which will affect the precipitation of substances in tea.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 152 g ) :
calories46 calories
carbohydrate5.5 g
cholesterol6 mg
fat2 g
fiber0 g
protein1.9 g
saturatedFat1.1 g
sodium26 mg
sugar5 g
transFat0 g


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