Passion Fruit Cheese Cake Recipe

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Passion fruit is the king of vitamin C. Many people cannot accept its sour taste if eaten directly. However, after being made into frozen cheesecake, it not only retains a very strong fragrance, but also reduces the greasy taste of the cheese when it tastes sweet and sour.

Passion Fruit Cheese Cake Recipe
Level: Intermediate
Yield: 8 servings


Passion fruit 4 (about 90g)
clean water 50g
Ordinary granulated sugar 75g
Cream Cheese 125g
unsalted butter 150g
berry sugar 82g
Milk 40g
gelatin sheets 12g
Biscuits 80g
Butter 35-40g


  • Handle; Grind (any of the three materials can be used, or you can directly use cake slices). After the butter is insulated and melted into liquid shape, stir it evenly with biscuits and put it in 6 inches; Press into the bottom of the cake and send it to the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

  • Boil water and sugar (75g) in a small pot and stir while cooking, otherwise it will turn into caramel.

  • Put the meat and seeds of passion fruit in a warm place; Inside (the sugar water can't be too hot and can't be hot), pour it into the mixer and stir it evenly. The mixed mixture is about 170g. The amount of passion fruit sugar water mixture determines the amount of fine granulated sugar. If the passion fruit sugar water mixture you make is less than the 170g mixture we wrote, you may have to reduce the amount of sugar yourself (I don't like too sweet, but like the sour and sweet of passion fruit. It doesn't taste so greasy. Those who like sweets can add a little sugar).

  • Stir cream cheese in hot water to form a non granular paste, add 50g fine granulated sugar and stir evenly.

  • Pour the freshly prepared passion fruit sugar water mixture into the cheese paste and stir it. Then pour it into the blender and stir well.

  • Soak the gelatine tablets in cold water and melt them with milk in hot water.

  • Beat the light cream with 32g fine granulated sugar to 60% hair with ice water. First adjust the electric Egg beater to medium speed for 1 minute, and then adjust the high speed to 60% hair. The state is that the lines will not disappear immediately, but the cream will flow slowly.

  • Cut the passion fruit cheese paste and light cream thoroughly and mix well.

  • Pour the freshly warmed gilding milk into the cake paste, cut and mix well, put it into a 6-inch mousse ring and refrigerate for 4 hours.

  • Cover the mold with a hot towel, or blow around the four sides with an air duct, and then lift the mousse ring.

  • The surface can be decorated with some fruit.

    Spiced jelly cheese cake

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 113 g ) :
calories366 calories
carbohydrate70 g
cholesterol5.7 mg
fat10 g
fiber4.2 g
protein3.3 g
saturatedFat1.2 g
sodium114 mg
sugar31 g
transFat0 g


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