Matcha white chocolate ice cream recipe

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The sweetness of ice cream is generally very high, so with slightly bitter ingredients, it can reconcile the perfect taste with endless aftertaste. so what we are sharing is the matcha white chocolate ice cream recipe.

Matcha white chocolate ice cream recipe
Level: Easy
Yield: 4 servings


Matcha powder 15 g
White Chocolate 50 g
Milk 160 g
yolk 2 (30-35g)
berry sugar 30 g
Animal whipped cream 200g


  • After melting the white chocolate into liquid in hot water, add Matcha powder and mix until there are no particles. Set aside.

    Matcha Baiqiao ice cream
  • Pour Egg yolk and fine granulated sugar into the egg beating basin, and use the electric egg beater to beat until the color turns white and the volume expands. The egg yolk liquid flows down and can be stacked for several seconds.

    Matcha Baiqiao ice cream
  • Heat the milk until the edge is bubbling (more than 90 degrees), and pour it into the beaten egg yolk more than 3 times. In the process of pouring milk, use an electric egg beater to beat and mix constantly to prevent the egg yolk from solidifying.

    Matcha Baiqiao ice cream
  • Pour the mixed egg milk liquid into the milk pot, heat it over a low heat, quickly stir it with a scraper, and boil it to 81 degrees (no more than 85 degrees). Be careful not to heat too much to prevent most of the egg yolk from solidifying into egg flower soup.

    Matcha Baiqiao ice cream
  • Add the matcha white chocolate mixture to the egg custard while it is hot, and stir until all the ingredients are evenly mixed.

    Matcha Baiqiao ice cream
  • Sift the boiled mayonnaise to remove a small amount of egg yolk caking, and then send it to the refrigerator for full refrigeration. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour and let the mayonnaise completely cool below 5 degrees before use.

    Matcha Baiqiao ice cream
  • Mix the animal cream and egg cream paste, pour into the starting ice cream machine, cool and stir for about 30 minutes. Run until the ice cream turns into a thick soft cream.

    Matcha Baiqiao ice cream
  • Move the soft ice cream into the fresh-keeping box and send it to the freezer of the refrigerator to freeze hard. (it will be more convenient to dig the ball after the rectangular fresh-keeping box.).

    Matcha Baiqiao ice cream
  • It is better to dig the ball by warming the room temperature for about 10 minutes before freezing.

    Matcha Baiqiao ice cream

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 132 g ) :
calories273 calories
carbohydrate31 g
cholesterol58 mg
fat15 g
fiber0.9 g
protein4.6 g
saturatedFat9 g
sodium106 mg
sugar28 g
transFat0 g


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