Latte recipe with espresso coffee

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Easy latte recipe with espresso coffee.

Latte recipe with espresso coffee
Level: Easy
Yield: 1 servings


coffee bean 15~20g
Milk 150~200ml


  • A full-automatic espresso machine or a semi-automatic Espresso Machine & grinder (manual / automatic) is required. Delong ec330s in this figure is suitable for friends who only focus on drinking a cup of coffee and do not particularly emphasize espesso quality (generally speaking, the pressure of this home machine is still insufficient).

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • Select Italian coffee beans according to personal taste. You can buy fresh coffee beans from a treasure and a East; Beans.

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • Grind the beans until the flour is thick and thin, flatten it with a powder hammer, extract 18G beans and use 15-25ml espesso as the base.

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • Use the coffee machine to extract about 25ml espresso as the base (adjust according to the cup amount).

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • Making dense milk bubbles (this process requires technology. Please refer to Youku's milk bubble making video. The picture shows the milk bubbles made by Delong's single steam hole. You can play well if you are familiar with the machine).

  • Shake with milk foam and blend with espresso to pull your heart (you also need to practice. Interested friends can be Youku, and the text is not easy to describe). If you are too lazy to pull flowers, just pour the milk foam evenly into espresso.

  • Cora heart.

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • Tulips can be pushed.

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • When you are proficient in the basic skill of pulling the heart, pushing tulips is just around the corner.

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • Powder pressing with appropriate strength. The coffee powder in the powder bowl is flat without caking.

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • Extraction, smooth coffee liquid.

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • Make milk foam. The amount of milk is matched according to the size of the latte cup. Generally, use a 230ml cup and a 350ml milk jar to hold 150-180ml milk.

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • Pull flowers.

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • After extracting espresso, complete the powder.

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • Pressure and steam are greatly improved. VP version supports variable voltage and has strong playability.

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • Extraction has improved a lot.

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • Tiger spot.

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • This is a flower drawing video for the great God, which is also the goal I want to achieve in my spare time (if it involves copyright, please contact to delete it).

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • Recently played a better cup.

    Coffee Latte concentrate
  • end, Have a good time.

    Coffee Latte concentrate

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 133.1 g ) :
calories59.1 calories
carbohydrate5.9 g
cholesterol9.1 mg
fat2.3 g
fiber0 g
protein3.8 g
saturatedFat1.5 g
sodium56.6 mg
sugar5.9 g
transFat0.1 g


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