How to Make Pumpkin Juice at Home

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Pumpkin is a common vegetable. It is also very delicious when it is made into fruit. Let’s share a recipe for pumpkin juice and let’s take a look at how to make pumpkin juice.

How to Make Pumpkin Juice at Home
Level: Easy
Yield: 3 servings


Old pumpkin About 450-500g
Millet About 15-20g
Soybeans 20 g
Leftovers Rice spoon small half spoon or white rice 10g
White fungus A small piece
Water 1000ml


  • Prepare materials one night in advance: wash the old pumpkin, remove the seeds and skin.

    Silky and mellow pumpkin juice
  • Cut into pieces and put them in a fresh-keeping box.

    Silky and mellow pumpkin juice
  • Less than half a spoon of leftovers (if there is no leftovers, soak it in advance with about 10g white rice); Rice and cut pumpkin are put in a fresh-keeping box and refrigerated in the refrigerator.

    Silky and mellow pumpkin juice
  • Soybeans, millet and Tremella are washed and soaked with water overnight. There is still a little difference in taste between soaked and non soaked. The soaked ones are more delicate and smooth. Lazy people can also throw all the ingredients into the wall breaking machine before going to bed. According to the reservation function, they can drink directly in the morning, but it is not recommended in summer. The water that is stuffy all night will taste.

    Silky and mellow pumpkin juice
  • When you get up the next morning, add all the ingredients into the wall breaking machine, and add water to 1000ml. It can be used according to the function of very thick pulp or rice paste. The finished product has a little sweetness. If you feel it is not sweet enough, you can add sugar; If there is no wall breaking machine, the soybean Milk machine is also OK, that is, the taste may not be as delicate as the wall breaking machine; All right, wash up. When you're ready, the pumpkin juice will be ready.

    Silky and mellow pumpkin juice
  • Delicate, smooth, mellow and delicious pumpkin juice is good ~; Drink while it's hot in winter. In summer, you can also put it in a handy cup and refrigerate it in the refrigerator as an ice drink; Suitable for all ages.

    Silky and mellow pumpkin juice

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 126.5 g ) :
calories28 calories
carbohydrate4.9 g
cholesterol0 mg
fat0.4 g
fiber0.7 g
protein1.2 g
saturatedFat0.1 g
sodium214 mg
sugar3.6 g
transFat0 g


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