How to make pizza dough taste better

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Many people like pizza, so how to make pizza dough taste better? Let's share a simple pizza dough recipe and learn how to make it.

How to make pizza dough taste better
Level: Easy
Yield: 6 servings


High-gluten flour 300 g
All-purpose flour 120 g
Warm water 200 g
Yeast 5 g
Granulated sugar 30 g
Salt 6 g
Butter 30g


  • Mix all ingredients except butter into a ball, then add normal temperature butter, and continue to mix until smooth dough. I use the toaster and flour for 5 minutes, add butter and flour for 15 minutes.

    Pizza skin
  • The dough is fermented to 2 times its size for about 1 hour. Then knead the dough and exhaust, divide it into 4 parts, round it, cover it and wake up for 10 minutes.

    Pizza skin
  • Roll out the small dough that has woken up, or press it lightly with your hands to shape it, and place it in an 8-inch pizza pan. You can also adjust it after putting it in the baking tray, just press it with your hands for shaping. Poke some small holes in the surface with a fork. (Preheat the oven at 190 degrees for 5 minutes, you can prepare in this step)

    Pizza skin
  • Put the whole skin into a preheated oven at 190 degrees and bake for 5 minutes. Then take it out. The effect is as shown in the figure. It will be slightly colored.

    Pizza skin
  • Let the baked pizza skin cool. Frozen in fresh-keeping bags and ready to use.

    Pizza skin
  • Add bacon pizza made of ingredients, middle layer, upper tube 210 degrees, lower tube 200 degrees, about 15-20 minutes.

    Pizza skin
  • Finished.

    Pizza skin

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 112 g ) :
calories288 calories
carbohydrate52 g
cholesterol0 mg
fat5.2 g
fiber2 g
protein7.2 g
saturatedFat0.4 g
sodium408 mg
sugar2.3 g
transFat0.4 g


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