How to make layered coffee

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The first time I saw this cup of coffee was when I was doing a part-time job in a restaurant when I was a student, and I felt that my eyes were bright. It turns out that coffee can be such a magical thing. Now I will teach you how to make layered coffee.

How to make layered coffee
Level: Easy
Yield: 2 servings


Various syrups 20ml
Espresso (or espresso) 45~60ml
Milk appropriate amount


  • Material preparation, coffee grinding, warm milk (about 50 degrees).

    Layered coffee
  • 14g coffee powder extract 45ml coffee liquid.

    Layered coffee
  • Pour syrup into the cup, then hold the cup wall with a small spoon, and fill it with warm milk to form the first stratification.

    Layered coffee
  • Pour 1 / 3 full of hot milk into the milk bubble jar, quickly pull it for about 20 times, knock the table hard to break large bubbles, shake the milk bubble jar to make the milk bubble more uniform, and slowly pour it into the cup to form a second stratification.

    Layered coffee
  • Slowly pour the coffee solution into the center of the cup to form the fourth layer.

    Layered coffee


It's best to make milk bubbles with the steam head of the coffee machine. If not, use the milk bubble jar or pressure pot manually. The more times you make milk bubbles, the harder the milk bubbles will be. This step needs to be adjusted according to the milk and tools used.

It is recommended to use Mocha pot to make this cup of coffee, which feels more balanced.

When choosing coffee beans (powder), it must be deeply baked, and Italian baking is the best.

It only takes two pots to make this cup of coffee for the first time, which is actually very simple.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 237 g ) :
calories2.4 calories
carbohydrate0 g
cholesterol0 mg
fat0.1 g
fiber0 g
protein0.3 g
saturatedFat0 g
sodium4.7 mg
sugar0 g
transFat0 g


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