How to Make Iced latte Coffee at Home

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Latte is a blend of Italian espresso and milk. More milk and less coffee are the characteristics of latte. Today we will teach you how to make iced latte.

How to Make Iced latte Coffee at Home
Level: Easy
Yield: 1 servings


Espresso 45ml
Sugar water 20ml
ice block appropriate amount
Ice Milk 150ml


  • Add 3 grams of coffee powder and hot water to make 45ml espresso (UCC coffee recommended by cherry, 117, will be bitter, depending on the brand of coffee powder). Cool off with ice. Also mix well (I use 20ml of 20g fine granulated sugar here) and then prepare everything.

    Iced Cafe Latte
  • Pour sugar water and ice milk into a glass and stir well.

    Iced Cafe Latte
  • Add ice until the glass is eight full.

    Iced Cafe Latte
  • Hold the edge of the cup with a fork or spoon and slowly inject the coffee solution to create a layered effect. (a larger tilt angle is more conducive to stratification).

    Iced Cafe Latte
  • The layering effect is obvious.

    Iced Cafe Latte
  • Stir well when drinking.

    Iced Cafe Latte


Because coffee is black coffee, it is bitter. If you like less sweet coffee, you can put less sugar and more sweet coffee. There are no regulations. If you use sweet milk, you can skip this step.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 96.6 g ) :
calories40.6 calories
carbohydrate4.1 g
cholesterol6.3 mg
fat1.6 g
fiber0 g
protein2.6 g
saturatedFat1 g
sodium39.4 mg
sugar4.1 g
transFat0.1 g


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