How to make fried egg pizza

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make a quick breakfast with a glass of milk or soy milk. It is absolutely simple and nutritious. Let’s teach you how to make fried egg pizza.

How to make fried egg pizza
Level: Easy
Yield: 6 servings


Egg 2
Onion appropriate amount
Sweet pepper Half a small
Sausage (or two slices of Bacon) One
Salt few
Oil few
Mozzarella (or a slice of Cheese) appropriate amount


  • Prepare the ingredients, break up the eggs with a little salt, shred the onion and sweet pepper, and slice the sausage.

    Five minutes quick fried eggs Kwai pizza
  • Turn on the medium and low heat, pour a little oil into the non stick pot, spread it evenly, pour in the egg liquid and cover the bottom of the pot. Turn to the minimum fire when the egg liquid is half solidified (turn off the fire first if you are slow), spread sausage, sweet pepper and onion evenly, and finally sprinkle mozzarella cheese. If you put cheese slices, cut them in advance and cover the pot for two to three minutes (the egg liquid is a little solidified in order to take photos).

    Five minutes quick fried eggs Kwai pizza
  • Open the lid of the pot, melt the cheese, gently shake the pot and slowly slide it into the plate to enjoy!

    Five minutes quick fried eggs Kwai pizza


Green vegetables can be changed into whatever you like, but the amount should not be too much, so as to avoid too much moisture and difficult to form.

Put a little salt in the egg liquid, and the mozzarella cheese itself has a salty taste.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 107 g ) :
calories285 calories
carbohydrate36 g
cholesterol18 mg
fat10 g
fiber2.5 g
protein12 g
saturatedFat4.8 g
sodium640 mg
sugar3.8 g
transFat0.3 g


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