How to make egg pudding

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Egg pudding is a delicious dessert. It only requires three ingredients to make. Let’s teach you how to make egg pudding.

How to make egg pudding
Level: Easy
Yield: 2 servings


Milk 100 ml
White sugar appropriate amount
Egg One


  • Spread a little bit of butter on the mold first, so that the pudding will be released after the pudding is made. Of course, you can also apply Peanut oil, olive oil, or corn oil. If you don’t want to take off the film, you can eat it directly from the small mold with a spoon. The taste is the same.

  • Put 100ml of milk into the right amount of sugar, put it in the microwave oven and bite it on medium heat for 30 seconds, and let the sugar melt. The eggs are beaten into egg liquid, mixed with milk and sieved, and the froth is filtered out to make the pudding smoother.

  • Then pour the egg liquid into the mold, pour it about 70% full, cover it with plastic wrap, put it in the microwave, turn it to the thawing position and heat it for 5-7 minutes (Each microwave power is different, please try slowly from the setting of 4 or 5 minutes).


If it is not hot, press the pudding lightly after letting it cool so that there is some space between the pudding and the mold. Then carefully buckle the mold upside down on the plate and knock it off to release the mold. It tastes better with jam juice. If you are not afraid of trouble, it will be perfect if you top it with some caramel sauce.

In addition to milk, you can also use orange juice, corn juice, soy milk instead of milk to mix with egg liquid to create another flavor.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 153 g ) :
calories222 calories
carbohydrate35 g
cholesterol138 mg
fat6.2 g
fiber0 g
protein6.9 g
saturatedFat2.8 g
sodium81 mg
sugar35 g
transFat0 g


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