How do you make milk tea step by step

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This is an original milk tea recipe, no condensed milk, whipped cream and other ingredients are added, only the simplest tea and milk, let's make this original milk tea.

How do you make milk tea step by step
Level: Easy
Yield: 4 servings


Rock sugar or white granulated sugar 40 g
Black tea 25 g
Purified water (clean water) 500 g
Whole Milk 500 g


  • Prepare a non-stick pan, add 40 grams of rock sugar, and heat on low heat until it melts. The yellow rock sugar I used, you can replace it with white rock sugar or white granulated sugar.

    pure milk
  • Be patient, boil it until it is amber, don't let it burn, it will taste bitter if it gets burnt.

    pure milk
  • Pour 500 grams of purified water, hot water is best, because cold water meets caramel, the caramel will harden, it doesn't matter, I always use cold water, anyway, it will melt after boiling.

    pure milk
  • This is the black tea sold by my family. It tastes good. It has been an old tea tree for more than ten years. It tastes mellow and sweet.

    pure milk
  • Rinse the tea leaves with clean water.

    pure milk
  • After washing the tea leaves, put them in the pot, or wait for the water to boil before putting the tea leaves. After the high heat is boiled, turn to medium and low heat and cook for five minutes.

    pure milk
  • After opening the tea leaves, there is very little water, but a good cup of milk tea, in addition to the fragrant milk, is also very important to highlight the tea fragrance, so it is not recommended to reduce the tea, but if you really think that the tea taste is too strong, you can appropriately reduce the tea.

    pure milk
  • Pour in pure milk or whole milk, mix and stir, simmer for 5 minutes at the lowest heat, preferably keep stirring, so as to reduce the astringency to a certain extent, cover the lid after 5 minutes, and simmer for 3 to 5 minutes. Let the tea and milk better integrate and remove the fishy smell of milk.

    pure milk
  • Pour it into a cold kettle. I like the tea with a stronger flavor, so I didn't filter the tea. If it is tea powder, or if it needs to be left overnight, filter the tea.

    pure milk
  • Pour into a small glass.

    pure milk
  • Finished.

    pure milk


The milk tea that can't be drunk can be put into the refrigerator for refrigeration and sealed to prevent cross flavor. If there is no cover, it can be sealed with plastic wrap for 2-3 days, or it can be frozen with ice lattice. Put some when you want to drink ice milk tea.

If you like those with strong milk flavor, reduce the amount of water. Don't try to cook tea directly with milk. The fat in milk will wrap the tea, so that the tea flavor can't be released. The correct opening method must be to boil the tea soup first.

Friends who like to drink Iced Milk Tea can increase the amount of sugar. Frozen things will make the taste less sensitive and reduce the sweetness.

Everyone uses different black tea. My prescription takes my own black tea as the standard. No matter who uses black tea, please make it strictly according to the formula first, and then adjust it according to your own taste.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 304 g ) :
calories92 calories
carbohydrate11 g
cholesterol12 mg
fat4 g
fiber0 g
protein3.8 g
saturatedFat2.3 g
sodium52 mg
sugar10 g
transFat0 g


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