Homemade salty soy milk recipe

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Wash the soybeans, put them into the basin, soak them with water (4 hours in summer, 9 hours in spring and autumn and 15 hours in winter)

Homemade salty soy milk recipe
Level: Easy
Yield: 4 servings


Soybeans 150g (the ratio of soybean to water shall be at least 1:6)
Water 900g (the ratio of soybean to water shall be at least 1:6)
Soy sauce few
Rice vinegar few
Deep-Fried Dough Sticks Two
chopped green onion few
Mustard few
Laver few
Shrimps few
Sesame oil A few drops


  • Wash the soybeans, put them into the basin, soak them with water (4 hours in summer, 9 hours in spring and autumn and 15 hours in winter), soak them until the soybeans rise and rinse them with water.

    Salted soybean milk
  • The ratio of soybeans to water shall be at least 1:6. Beat soybeans carefully into pulp in three times.

    Salted soybean milk
  • After filtering, pour it into the pot (don't throw away the filtered bean dregs, it can be made into vegetarian meat floss/steamed buns). Bring the raw soy Milk to a boil. When the soy milk rises, turn on a low heat, open the lid and cook for 8 minutes, being careful to overflow the pot.

    Salted soybean milk
  • When cooking soybean milk, you can cut the fried dough sticks into small sections for standby, cut the mustard, chives and shrimps into pieces, and tear the laver by hand.

    Salted soybean milk
  • Pour a little vinegar and soy sauce into a small bowl.

    Salted soybean milk
  • Quickly pour the freshly filtered boiling soybean milk into the bowl, and the soybean milk will immediately become flocculent (reaction between plant protein and acetic acid).

    Salted soybean milk
  • Add chopped laver and scallion, chopped mustard and fried dough sticks, and sprinkle with a little sesame oil, which is delicious salted soybean milk.

    Salted soybean milk


When making soybean milk, the ratio of soybeans to water should be at least 1:6, otherwise the soybean milk is too thick. If you have a soybean milk machine, it will be more convenient. If you use a mixer, if the mixer is not very large, you should add water to beat the soybeans by times, and add water to about 8 points each time.

Do not use a small pot for cooking soybean milk, because it will rise and overflow soon after boiling, so you must choose a pot with a higher pot body.

If there is only a blender, soak the soybeans, add water and put them in the blender, and then filter them with gauze or filter screen. If there is more filtered soybean residue, you can add an appropriate amount of water and put them in the blender to continue playing. If you use gauze, you can finally twist the gauze by hand to squeeze out the water in the bean dregs. The filtered raw soybean milk should be cooked in a pot before drinking. Raw soybean milk cannot be drunk directly.

Vinegar is the key to the rapid formation of flocculent soybean milk. Add 1 teaspoon of vinegar to 250g of hot soybean milk, including balsamic vinegar, rice vinegar and white vinegar.

Soybean milk must be washed into the bowl while it is hot, so try to cut all kinds of small materials in advance, and pour balsamic vinegar and raw soy sauce into the bowl.

The time in the morning is quite tight, so you can wash and rinse in 20 minutes of cooking and beating soybean milk without wasting time at all.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 97.2 g ) :
calories40 calories
carbohydrate3.2 g
cholesterol0 mg
fat1.6 g
fiber0.4 g
protein2.8 g
saturatedFat0.2 g
sodium47.6 mg
sugar2.4 g
transFat0 g


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