Healthy blueberry pudding recipe

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Blueberries contain a lot of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other ingredients, adding it to the pudding will be more delicious and healthy.

Healthy blueberry pudding recipe
Level: Easy
Yield: 2 servings


Blueberry flavor candy 2 packages
Milk 200 ml


  • Prepare Blueberry flavor candy and milk.

    Blueberry pudding
  • Put the blueberry candy into the container and melt it with insulated water.

    Blueberry pudding
  • Melt into liquid and put it in cold water to cool to slightly higher than hand temperature (40 degrees).

    Blueberry pudding
  • Pour in 80ml of milk and stir well.

    Blueberry pudding
  • Add 120ml and mix thoroughly.

    Blueberry pudding
  • When stirring, the milk and syrup should not be too hot (hand temperature is appropriate).

    Blueberry pudding
  • Pour the pudding into two containers and refrigerate for 2 hours before eating.

    Blueberry pudding


The temperature of the syrup is slightly hot.

You can also blanch the milk to slightly heat.

Both milk and syrup should not be too hot, if too hot it will cause the milk sugar liquid to separate.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 110 g ) :
calories143 calories
carbohydrate25 g
cholesterol1.1 mg
fat4.2 g
fiber0 g
protein1.6 g
saturatedFat1.1 g
sodium156 mg
sugar19 g
transFat0 g


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