Easy mocha coffee recipe

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This is a simple recipe for mocha coffee. The ingredients only use milk, coffee powder and cocoa powder. You can make delicious mocha coffee in just three steps.

Easy mocha coffee recipe
Level: Easy
Yield: 1 servings


Milk 200ml
Coffee powder 7 g
Cocoa powder 10 g


  • Use 7 grams of coffee powder to extract 25cc of espresso with an Italian coffee machine. Home-made can use instant coffee.

  • Take 200ml of milk and add 10g of cocoa powder. Use a steam pipe to heat it up. If there is no steam tube, you can use a microwave to heat the milk, and then melt the cocoa powder.

  • Pour cocoa milk into a coffee cup, sprinkle cocoa powder or squeeze flowers with Chocolate sauce to decorate.

What is mocha coffee made of?

Mocha coffee is an ancient coffee made from a mixture of Italian espresso, chocolate sauce, fresh cream and milk. It is named after the famous Mocha Port. In the fifteenth century, the entire Middle East and African coffee countries did not prosper outward transportation. Yemeni Mocha was a commercial port near the Red Sea at that time. At that time, coffee was mainly concentrated in Mocha Port and exported to Africa. It was collectively referred to as Mocha coffee.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 406 g ) :
calories359 calories
carbohydrate47 g
cholesterol48 mg
fat13 g
fiber1.1 g
protein13 g
saturatedFat8.1 g
sodium207 mg
sugar23 g
transFat0 g


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