Easy Milk Mango Pudding Recipe

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The ultra-simple version of milk mango pudding can be done in a few minutes, and novices can easily complete it. Let’s take a look at the detailed steps of making milk mango pudding.

Easy Milk Mango Pudding Recipe
Level: Easy
Yield: 2 servings


Milk 250 g
White granulated sugar 15 g
Mango 2
White jelly 30 g


  • Cut mango into pieces and set aside.

  • Pour a 250ml bottle of pure milk into the pot.

  • Pour 30 grams of white jelly and 15 grams of white granulated sugar (adjust the sweetness according to your preference). Fire and cook while stirring.

    Milk mango pudding (white jelly simple version)
  • After boiling, add mango pieces, stir and turn off the heat after boiling again.

  • Finally, pour the boiled liquid mango pudding into the mold (in fact, any dish can be used) and cool naturally, demould and cut into pieces. Refrigerate according to personal taste.

    Milk mango pudding (white jelly simple version)

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 110 g ) :
calories143 calories
carbohydrate25 g
cholesterol1.1 mg
fat4.2 g
fiber0 g
protein1.6 g
saturatedFat1.1 g
sodium156 mg
sugar19 g
transFat0 g


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