Easy Lemon Cookies Recipe

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In the original formula, 40g milk was used, and I added 10g more. I beat fine granulated sugar by myself with a cooking machine. It's very fine, like flour

Easy Lemon Cookies Recipe
Level: Easy
Yield: 15 servings


Low-gluten flour 200g
Milk 50g
berry sugar 80g
Butter (softened at room temperature) 160g
Almond powder 40g
Salt 2g
Baking tray, oil paper Appropriate amount.
Pastry Bag 1
Medium 8-tooth flower mounting mouth 1


  • In the original formula, 40g milk was used, and I added 10g more. I beat fine granulated sugar by myself with a cooking machine. It's very fine, like flour. Almond powder is thick, and it is also finely beaten with a cooking machine.

    Lemon Cookies
  • Get all the ingredients and tools ready.

    Lemon Cookies
  • Put the milk on the steamer and heat it. It doesn't need to be boiling. It can be hot.

    Lemon Cookies
  • Add fine granulated sugar while it is hot, stir until the sugar melts, cool and set aside.

    Lemon Cookies
  • Beat the softened butter with an electric Egg beater. The volume is expanded and the color is white.

    Lemon Cookies
  • Then pour it in and cool it. Be sure to add it in several times. Beat it with electricity at low speed each time, mix it evenly, and then add it again after fusion to prevent water and oil differentiation. I add it in six times.

    Lemon Cookies
  • Some people say that too much butter will make Cookies bad. Although I use electric stirring, it's OK. There's no bad situation. This is the beaten butter. I smoothed it with a scraper. It can be seen that it is slightly shiny.

    Lemon Cookies
  • Continue to sift in low powder and be sure to sift.

    Lemon Cookies
  • Mix well with a scraper.

    Lemon Cookies
  • Then pour in salt and almond powder.

    Lemon Cookies
  • Continue to mix well. As shown in the figure, the final batter is in this state.

    Lemon Cookies
  • Cut a hole in the front of the flower mounting bag, put the flower mounting mouth in, and then pour the batter into the flower mounting bag. Don't cut the front part of the flower mounting bag too large. Just match the flower mounting mouth, otherwise it is easy to break when squeezed. When pouring batter, it's easier to put the bag into the bottle like me.

    Lemon Cookies
  • Then squeeze it onto the baking pan. My habit is to squeeze a circle, cover the beginning part with the end part, and leave a hole in the middle. It feels so easy to operate* This batter is well squeezed and does not dry or wet.

    Lemon Cookies
  • After all squeezed, put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate for 20 minutes. When preheating, it must be sufficient, and it is better to be 10 or 20 degrees higher than when baking. The color of the heating tube is no longer red, but preheating is good. The temperature of my oven is on the high side. I preheat it at 170 degrees.

    Lemon Cookies
  • After the oven is preheated, take out the cookies, put them in the oven, heat up and down 150 degrees, and bake for 20 minutes. The specific time and temperature shall be subject to your own oven. The original formula is baked at 170 degrees. Pay attention when baking. If the color is too dark, it will be taken out. We often say that the color around is too dark, but the middle is still very light. I also encountered it. It seems to be related to the baking pan.

    Lemon Cookies
  • Take it out immediately after baking and put it on the drying net to cool. Be sure to put it in a bag or other container after it is cold, otherwise it is easy to get damp. I've been drying this all night. It's autumn now. It's relatively dry, so cookies are also crisp after a few days.

    Lemon Cookies

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 53 g ) :
calories208 calories
carbohydrate34 g
cholesterol27 mg
fat7.2 g
fiber0.5 g
protein2.3 g
saturatedFat1.2 g
sodium283 mg
sugar19 g
transFat0.2 g


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