Easy Chiffon Cake Recipe

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Chiffon cake is a very delicious and delicious cake, Its making method is very simple. Even a novice can easily make it according to the recipe.

Easy Chiffon Cake Recipe
Level: Intermediate
Yield: 8 servings


Mother Egg 5 (about 50g)
Pure Milk 40 g
Corn oil 40 g
low-gluten flour 70-75 g
lemon juice A few drops
Fine granulated sugar (egg yolk) 20 g
Fine granulated sugar (egg white) 50g


  • 8-inch cake mould, two egg beating basins, electronic scale, egg beater, scraper, manual egg beater, flour screen and demoulding knife. If you can manually separate egg white and egg yolk, you don't need an egg white separator.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • Low gluten flour, corn oil, eggs, lemon, fine granulated sugar, pure milk (low, low and high).

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • 40 grams of milk, add 20 grams of fine granulated sugar and stir until melted without obvious particles.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • Add 40 grams of corn oil. The next step is a very important one. Beat it in circles until it is emulsified. The whole process takes at least 5-10 minutes (the longer the better). The emulsification process feels like a thick yogurt.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • Next, the egg white and egg yolk are separated (egg yolk and emulsified milk). Pay attention to the whole process to ensure that all containers are free of oil and water (in case of water and oil, the egg white can not be sent). The egg white is covered with fresh-keeping film and frozen.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • Beat the egg yolk paste to blend completely.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • 70-75g flour is sieved for 3-6 times and added to the egg yolk paste (each time it is added to ensure that it is fully fused without obvious dry powder pimples), When mixing egg yolk paste, you should pay attention to the technique. You can't beat it in circles. You can turn it over, cut it and mix it.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • Finally, the mixed egg yolk paste scraper has an inverted triangle, and the egg yolk paste dripping into the basin will not disappear soon. Stir well to preheat the oven.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • The oven is preheated by 150-160 fire up and down, and the baking time is 1 hour (the preheating temperature needs to be slightly higher than the baking temperature) . It should be noted that if you are a novice, you can choose a longer time, because you are afraid that the baking time will be short due to too long egg white killing and mixing time. Be sure to bake the cake paste in the oven for at least 55-65 minutes.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • Then we began to beat the egg white. Add 5-8 drops of lemon juice and 50g of fine granulated sugar to the egg white three times. For the first time, beat the egg beater with lemon juice in the first gear. When there are large fishing net bubbles in the egg white, add sugar for the second time and continue to play in the first gear. The bubbles become small and dense. Add the last fine granulated sugar in the first gear for 30 seconds to make the sugar melt without more particles, and then turn on the fourth gear to send the egg white (my egg beater has 5 gears in total. You can control the gear according to your own egg beater, which is a little smaller than the highest gear) Pay attention to the time to pass the egg white should not be too long. After a long time, the cake will not be fluffy and can not climb high.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • Keep observing during the process of sending. It is not successful to lift the egg beater and the egg white is a hook at this time, but it is very fast to succeed. Then, lift the egg beater every 5-8 seconds and observe. Be careful not to beat it for a long time.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • Finally, lift the egg beater to form a straight triangular tip (a little bending of the tip will not affect it). The egg white paste in the egg beating basin will not flow. The egg white paste is ready.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • Egg white egg yolk mixture:     Dig out one third of the egg white paste into the egg yolk paste and mix it by turning and cutting (don't turn around to eliminate bubbles). Almost mix it until there is no obvious egg white paste. The whole process should be fast and clean.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • Then pour the egg yolk paste into the egg white paste basin and stir and cut in the same way. The mixing method is similar to that used in ordinary cooking.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • Completely mixed cake paste.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • Then pour the cake paste into the mold (pick up the egg beating basin about 50cm away from the mold) to reduce the entry of air and avoid large bubbles in the baked cake.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • After putting the cake paste into the oven, immediately adjust the oven temperature to 140 degrees up and down for 1 hour.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • It's about half an hour when the cake climbs the highest. If it doesn't climb significantly, it's a failure,  Pay attention to the surface coloring (I bake it for about 40 minutes, cover it with tin foil, I like it tender). Cover the tin foil quickly. Qifeng cake is sensitive to temperature. If you open the oven frequently, the cake will definitely retract, which will become a cake cake.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • Take out the baked cake and shake it on the table, on the ground and on the stool for a few times, and then immediately turn it upside down to cool it (this step is to shake out the heat in the cake as much as possible so that the cake will not shrink too much).

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • About 2 hours, wait until the cake is completely cool and start demoulding (the Qifeng cake baked according to the steps will not shrink too much).

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • The finished product is full and elastic.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • There is no depression at the bottom.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • The internal tissue is fine without obvious honeycomb.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)
  • Chifeng cake with raisins.

    Zero failure Qifeng cake (8 inches)


Remember not to stir egg yolk paste and egg white paste in circles.

Do not open the oven frequently and cover the tin foil quickly.

The cracking of the cake surface proves that the ignition temperature is high and can be covered with tin foil. (the oven is different, and it will be lowered next time)

The cake paste poured into the mold must be vibrated a few more times. After baking, it must be vibrated a few times as it is taken out.

The baking process takes about 1 hour. I'm really worried. I can put a toothpick in the middle of the cake. It's almost as good as if the toothpick is clean and there is no wet batter. (Note: insert a toothpick after baking for at least 50 minutes, and the action should be fast) the oven is different, but it's almost the same for about 60-70 minutes.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 134 g ) :
calories524 calories
carbohydrate76 g
cholesterol100 mg
fat24 g
fiber0.4 g
protein4 g
saturatedFat4 g
sodium360 mg
sugar56 g
transFat0 g


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