Homemade easy syrup recipes

Many delicious and healthy simple syrup recipes can be made at home.

  • Easy homemade yellow peach syrup

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    Ingredients Yellow Peach 1000 g Rock sugar 80 g clean water 500ml Instructions Peel the yellow peaches and cut them into pieces. Add water to the pot, add the yellow […]

  • Tremella papaya syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Papaya 1 (about 1 kg) Tremella Half flower Pure Milk 250 g Rock sugar 100g Instructions Prepare the ingredients. Choose the yellow and green papaya. This mature papaya is […]

  • Luo Han Guo longan syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Luo Han Guo Half Fresh longan About 10 dried tangerine peel 2 pieces purified water 2000ml Instructions Cut the Luo Han Guo and take half. Both the shell and […]

  • Easy longan red dates syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Red dates 6 Longan 20 Brown sugar appropriate amount Egg 2 Water appropriate amount Instructions Remove the cores of the red dates and longan, and cook in a pot […]

  • Easy homemade Lotus seed syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Rock sugar 10 g Fresh lotus seeds 100 g Water 500 ml Instructions Peel off the green skin of fresh lotus seeds and set aside. Put the water and […]

  • Hawthorn peach syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Hawthorn cake A small piece Rock sugar 30 g clean water 800 g honey Peach 1 fruit of Chinese wolfberry appropriate amount Sweet Potato starch 25 g Instructions Wash […]

  • Homemade peach gum cranberry syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Peach gum 25 g Cranberry 15 g Tremella 1 Rock sugar appropriate amount Instructions Soak the peach gum for 12-24 hours, squeeze it with no lumps in the middle. […]

  • Fig simple syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Fig 6 capsules Candied dates 3 capsules Dried pear slices 3 pieces Longan 5 capsules Sweet almond A small number Tangerine peel A few Instructions Take 1,500 ml of […]

  • Pear Tremella Syrup Recipe

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    Ingredients Pear 2 Fresh Tremella 120 g Wolfberry 20 capsules Red dates 10 Rock sugar 15g Instructions Soak the fresh tremella for half an hour and then clean it. Tear […]

  • Papaya and Snow Fungus Syrup Recipe

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    Ingredients Papaya Half Tremella Half Wolfberry few Rock sugar appropriate amount Instructions Cut the peeled papaya into the size of mahjong, tear the small flowers of snow fungus, wash the […]

  • Taro balls syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Sweet Potato 1 kg Purple sweet potato 1 kg Taro 1 kg Cassava starch 3 kg Sugar 210 g 100 degree boiling water a few Instructions Prepare all the […]

  • How to Make Tapioca Syrup

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    Ingredients Tapioca 500 g White sugar appropriate amount Instructions Tapioca syrup, I want to buy this yellow heart glutinous rice tapioca. Peel the tapioca, cut it into several small pieces, […]