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Easy dessert recipes with few ingredients,homemade pudding, ice cream, jelly, syrup recipes for beginners

  • Tremella papaya syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Papaya 1 (about 1 kg) Tremella Half flower Pure Milk 250 g Rock sugar 100g Instructions Prepare the ingredients. Choose the yellow and green papaya. This mature papaya is […]

  • Luo Han Guo longan syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Luo Han Guo Half Fresh longan About 10 dried tangerine peel 2 pieces purified water 2000ml Instructions Cut the Luo Han Guo and take half. Both the shell and […]

  • Easy longan red dates syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Red dates 6 Longan 20 Brown sugar appropriate amount Egg 2 Water appropriate amount Instructions Remove the cores of the red dates and longan, and cook in a pot […]

  • Easy homemade Lotus seed syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Rock sugar 10 g Fresh lotus seeds 100 g Water 500 ml Instructions Peel off the green skin of fresh lotus seeds and set aside. Put the water and […]

  • Hawthorn peach syrup recipe

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    Ingredients Hawthorn cake A small piece Rock sugar 30 g clean water 800 g honey Peach 1 fruit of Chinese wolfberry appropriate amount Sweet Potato starch 25 g Instructions Wash […]

  • Easy german pudding tart recipe

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    Ingredients Eggs 1 Butter 45 g low-gluten flour 150 g Powdered sugar 60 g yolk 2 Light cream 200 g Condensed Milk 45g Instructions Prepare all ingredients. Add butter that […]

  • Healthy blueberry pudding recipe

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    Ingredients Blueberry flavor candy 2 packages Milk 200 ml Instructions Prepare Blueberry flavor candy and milk. Put the blueberry candy into the container and melt it with insulated water. Melt […]

  • Easy chocolate pudding recipe

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    Ingredients Pure Milk 250g unsalted butter 100g Condensed milk 5g Coarse granulated sugar 20g gelatin tablets 10g Dark Chocolate 20g Hershey Chocolate Sauce 20g Instructions Soak the gelatine tablets in […]

  • Homemade coffee milk pudding recipe

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    Ingredients Milk 150 g Instant Coffee 1 bag unsalted butter 90 g berry sugar 20 g Gelatin powder 6g Cold water 24g Instructions Put 24g cold water into the gelatine […]

  • Simple mango pudding recipe

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    Ingredients Mango 1 Milk 250g unsalted butter 50g berry sugar 35g Gelatine tablets 10g Instructions Dice mango and set aside. Soak gelatine tablets in cold water, pour in half milk, […]

  • Easy matcha milk pudding recipe

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    Ingredients Fresh Milk 200 ml Matcha powder 20 g White granulated sugar 10 g Gelatine tablets 2 pieces Instructions Prepare 2 glasses of the same size. Put gelatin slices in […]

  • Healthy sweet potato pudding recipe

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    Ingredients Purple Potato soybean Milk 300g Gillette tablets 5g Chia seed 35g Milk / coconut milk / soybean milk 200g Honey 5g White granulated sugar 5g Instructions First use a […]