Simple dessert recipes at home

Easy dessert recipes with few ingredients,homemade pudding, ice cream, jelly, syrup recipes for beginners

  • Easy original pudding recipe

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    Ingredients Milk 200ml Unsalted butter 120ml Egg 1 Yolk 2 Sugar 40g Vanilla extract 2 drops Instructions Prepare all ingredients. Beat eggs and sugar evenly with an egg beater. Add […]

  • How to make matcha pudding

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    Ingredients Milk 250 ml Gelatin sheets 7.5 g Matcha powder 7 g Caster sugar 25 g Instructions Soak gelatin in cold water to soften. Pour the matcha powder into 15g […]

  • How to make strawberry custard pudding

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    Ingredients Egg 3 Berry sugar 30g Milk 200g Unsalted butter 100g Caster sugar 60g Water 30g Strawberry appropriate amount Instructions Pour the milk and whipped cream into the pot, add […]

  • Simple healthy mango pudding recipe

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    Ingredients Milk 250ml Mango 3 White sugar appropriate amount Gelatin sheets 1 piece Instructions Peel 3 mangoes, then cut into small pieces for later use. Gelatine sheets are soaked in […]

  • Rainbow pudding dessert recipes

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    Ingredients QQ candy Different flavors Milk or purified water appropriate amount Instructions Prepare QQ candy of different flavors. Put a flavor of QQ candy into the mold, put it in […]

  • Chocolate pudding recipe with eggs

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    Ingredients Whole Egg liquid 30g Sugar 20g Salt 1 / 8 teaspoon TSP Cocoa powder 1 tbsp Corn starch 2 teaspoons TSP Milk 100g unsalted butter 50g black coffee 1 […]

  • Easy healthy pumpkin pudding recipe

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    Ingredients Pumpkin puree 200 g Milk 150 g Fresh cream 100 g White granulated sugar 30 g Gelatin sheets 10 g Instructions Cut the pumpkin into small pieces, steam it […]

  • How to make egg pudding

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    Ingredients Milk 100 ml White sugar appropriate amount Egg One Instructions Spread a little bit of butter on the mold first, so that the pudding will be released after the […]

  • How do you make french caramel pudding

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    Ingredients Unsalted butter 140ml Milk 70ml Yolk 3 Sugar 20g Instructions Prepare the ingredients to be used, and preheat the oven to 150 degrees. Pour the milk and whipped cream […]

  • How to make fruit jelly dessert

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    Ingredients Fruits appropriate amount White jelly 30g Granulated sugar 30g Water 600ml Instructions Stir the white jelly, sugar and water in a pot evenly. Bring to a boil on low […]

  • Easy homemade yellow peach syrup

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    Ingredients Yellow Peach 1000 g Rock sugar 80 g clean water 500ml Instructions Peel the yellow peaches and cut them into pieces. Add water to the pot, add the yellow […]