Crispy Honey Bread Recipe

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Crispy honey bun is a delicacy made with honey and flour as the main ingredients. This kind of bread is sweet and delicious, and many people like to eat it.

Crispy Honey Bread Recipe
Level: Easy
Yield: 12 servings


High-gluten flour 340g
Low-gluten flour 70g
High sugar tolerant dry yeast 6g
Salt 5g
Whole Egg liquid 100g
Fine sugar 76g
Powdered Milk 20g
Milk + water 160g
Butter 18g
Bottom dipping
White sesame few
Fine sugar 20g
Corn oil appropriate amount
Butter few
Honey appropriate amount
White sesame appropriate amount


  • Prepare the required materials first. The high powder and low powder used in the formula are Xinliang black gold series. If different brands of flour are used, the water absorption will be different. Please note that the liquid should be left free, not added at one time, but added or reduced depending on the water absorption of the dough. Different environments, seasons, humidity, temperature and other factors will affect the dough state. Please increase or decrease the liquid proportion as appropriate.

    Honey crispy bread
  • In addition to butter and salt, put the ingredients of the main dough into the cook's machine to make a smooth dough. Then add butter and salt and beat until the dough is thin. The dough itself has a large water content. It will be relatively sticky and thin at the beginning. Pay attention to observe the dough state, measure the surface temperature (preferably 24-26 degrees), and stick to the full expansion stage. Don't add flour at first when you see that the flour is sticky, which will destroy the state of gluten.

    Honey crispy bread
  • Cover the beaten dough with plastic wrap and ferment for an hour.

    Honey crispy bread
  • Ferment the dough to about 2-2.5 times, take it out, knead it evenly and exhaust. Divide into 8 portions, knead and relax for 15 minutes. (the amount of dough in the figure is for reference only).

    Honey crispy bread
  • Pour an appropriate amount of edible oil into the baking pan. Please choose light and tasteless corn oil or salad oil, so you won't rob the original flavor of the food. In particular, do not use Peanut oil and olive oil, which will mask the flavor of the bread itself.

    Honey crispy bread
  • Mix an appropriate amount of white sesame and sugar. (Sesame can be raw or cooked, but the color of cooked sesame will not look good and will not affect the taste).

    Honey crispy bread
  • Take the loose dough and roll it out. Gently "exhaust" instead of "hard".

    Honey crispy bread
  • Roll up from top to bottom.

    Honey crispy bread
  • Cut the roll in the middle and divide it into two.

    Honey crispy bread
  • The bottom of the cut roll is dipped with sesame and sugar.

    Honey crispy bread
  • After dipping the dough roll, put it neatly into the baking pan and put it in a warm and humid place for basic fermentation.

    Honey crispy bread
  • Send the bread to twice the size and sprinkle a little butter in the gap.

    Honey crispy bread
  • Put it in the preheated, heat it 150 degrees, heat it 200 degrees, and put it on the bottom of the baking pan for 20 minutes. If the oven can't adjust the fire up and down, 200 degrees. Put the baking tray on the bottom layer and cover it with two layers of tin foil. Cover it tightly. When it's almost ready, remove the tin foil and color the surface. The temperature of each oven is different. Generally, the temperature of a small oven will be uneven. If the primer is too fierce, you can add another baking pan at the bottom of the baking pan, or adjust the fire according to your own oven's temper. The baking tray used in the formula is aluminum alloy + DuPont coating baking tray, which will be heated evenly.

    Honey crispy bread
  • Mix honey and water 1:1 evenly.

    Honey crispy bread
  • Brush the baked bread with a brush and evenly brush with honey water.

    Honey crispy bread
  • Then sprinkle an appropriate amount of cooked white sesame.

    Honey crispy bread
  • Look at the sweet and crisp bread bottom.

    Honey crispy bread
  • Take another look at the bread tissue, super soft ~.

    Honey crispy bread
  • Reverse button demoulding, you can eat it when it's cool!

    Honey crispy bread


Dough fermentation should be in place.

When exhausting, gently knead it evenly, gently press it to empty the gas, and do not exhaust excessively. That will make the dough more elastic and not soft. Excessive exhaust will prolong the relaxation time and restore the dough to a relaxed state.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 100 g ) :
calories231 calories
carbohydrate59 g
cholesterol0 mg
fat2.9 g
fiber2.3 g
protein7.8 g
saturatedFat0.6 g
sodium426 mg
sugar21.8 g
transFat0 g


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