Classical Chocolate Cake Recipe

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Today we will share the classic chocolate cake recipe. The following ingredients can be used to make a round cake with a diameter of 18cm. After preparing the ingredients, let's start making it.

Classical Chocolate Cake Recipe
Level: Intermediate
Yield: 6 servings


Salt free fermented butter 80g
Dark Chocolate (fafuna tanoli with 64% cocoa content) 90g
unsalted butter 70g
yolk 96g
Fine granulated sugar (for Egg yolk) 64g
Protein 148g
Fine granulated sugar (for protein) 72g
Cocoa powder 48g
low-gluten flour 42g


  • Put 80g of salt free fermented butter and 70g of light cream into a small Milk pot, turn off the fire when heated to a slight boiling, add 90g of dark chocolate broken into small pieces, stand for 2 ~ 3 minutes, and gently stir evenly with a wooden spoon. Do not over stir.

  • Mix 96g egg yolk and 64g fine granulated sugar (for egg yolk) into a mixing bowl, stir with egg pump until the fine granulated sugar is completely dissolved, seat the mixing bowl in 50 ~ 60 ℃ hot water until the temperature of egg yolk solution reaches 37 ℃, and remove the mixing bowl from the hot water.

  • Pour the chocolate solution into the egg yolk solution in 2 ~ 3 times, stir with egg pump until it is smooth and shiny.

  • Put 148g protein into a clean mixing bowl without oil and water, and beat it with an electric egg beater at high speed until the whole color is snow-white; When in shape, add 72g fine granulated sugar at one time and continue to send it at high speed until the egg beater is lifted. The falling protein cream can form a wet foaming state with large hooks.

  • Mix and sift 48g cocoa powder and 42g low gluten flour, add half of it into the chocolate egg yolk paste, wipe the bottom with a scraper, turn and mix evenly, add half of the protein cream, continue to turn and mix evenly with a scraper, then add the remaining powder and protein cream in turn, and repeat the action.

  • Pour the batter into the mold paved with oil paper, tap the bottom of the mold 50 ~ 100 times on the cooking table to remove large bubbles, and send it to the mold preheated at 150 degrees; Bake the middle layer for 40 minutes.

  • After baking, take it out, immediately drop the mold on the cooking table twice from a height of about 5 ~ 10cm, and then place it until it is not hot to demould. Continue to cool it to a slight temperature, put it into a sealed bag for storage, cut it into pieces and sift sugar powder on the surface before eating.


The original recipe specifically states that the chocolate used is fafuna tanoli, so if you use other varieties of dark chocolate, please fine tune the sugar content of the egg yolk according to the sweetness.

In order to ensure the stability and delicacy of the protein cream, please add all fine granulated sugar at one time. Although the killing time may be prolonged, the protein cream thus killed is not easy to defoamer when turning and mixing.

The quality of chocolate and cocoa powder directly affects the taste of cake.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 109 g ) :
calories424 calories
carbohydrate58 g
cholesterol24 mg
fat22 g
fiber2.4 g
protein3.8 g
saturatedFat6.4 g
sodium379 mg
sugar44 g
transFat1.4 g


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