Caramel Walnut Coffee Mousse Cake Recipe

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This cake has the caramel and sweetness of walnuts, the mellow and bitterness of coffee, the crispness of walnuts and the smoothness of the two fillings complement each other.

Caramel Walnut Coffee Mousse Cake Recipe
Level: Intermediate
Yield: 4 servings


1. Coffee cake body
yolk 3
berry sugar 75 g
Protein 3
Low powder 80 g
vegetable oil 20 g
Hot water 15mL
Sugar free coffee powder 5 g
2. Caramel walnut
berry sugar 100 g
Water maltose or common maltose 20 g
Walnut kernel 150 g
3. Liquor and sugar liquid
Granulated sugar 30 g
Water 30 g
Rum or coffee wine 15mL
4. Coffee Cheese Sauce
berry sugar 45 g
Water 30 g
yolk 2
Cream cheese 150 g
Gelatin 3 g
Sugar free coffee powder 5 g
Hot water 15mL
Vanilla extract Several drops
5. Vanilla Cassida cream
Milk 100mL
yolk 2
berry sugar 35 g
Low powder 10 g
Gelatin 5 g
Vanilla extract Several drops
unsalted butter 120g


  • Cake body

    (1) The 18cm square baking tray is used for pressing or spreading oil paper, and the coffee powder is brewed with hot water for standby.

    (2) Add 25g fine granulated sugar to the Egg yolk and heat-insulating water. Do not stir the water too hot to avoid scalding the egg yolk. Stir it quickly until it is slightly white. Lift the egg yolk liquid into a linear shape, add coffee liquid and vegetable oil in turn, stir evenly, and then sieve in half of the flour and mix well. Because the amount of powder is large, it is too dry to mix with the whipped protein at one time.

    (3) Add 50g white granulated sugar into the egg white and beat until dry foaming.

    (4) Mix half the protein with egg yolk paste, then add the remaining low powder and mix well.

    (5) Finally, stir the remaining protein paste and egg yolk low powder paste evenly, be sure to be gentle, the batter is dry and easy to defoaming.

    (6) Pour into the mold, trowel, shake out large bubbles, and preheat 170 degrees, 30-35 minutes.

    (7) After baking, demould and cool, and divide into 3 pieces for standby.

    Caramel Walnut Coffee Mousse Cake
  • Caramel walnut

    (1) Break the walnuts and bake them in the oven at 150 ℃ for 10 minutes. Don't burn them. After baking, put them in the oven and keep them warm with residual temperature.

    (2) Put granulated sugar and maltose into the pot and heat them with minimum fire until they melt. There is no need to stir in this process. Stir them after they are completely melted.

    (3) Boil the sugar and maltose until they are amber. Pour in the broken walnuts in time. Turn off the fire and don't burn until they are dark. The time from the melting of caramel to the appearance of caramel color is very short. Pay attention to control the time.

    (4) Quickly spread Caramel walnuts on silica gel pad or oil paper, and break them off in time. Don't wait until they are completely cool. Then wait for caramel pancakes and let them cool for standby.

    Caramel Walnut Coffee Mousse Cake
  • Sugar liquor: The sugar and water can be heated, melted and boiled. After cooling, they can be mixed with rum or coffee wine. If there is no wine, it can be omitted.

  • Coffee cheese filling

    (1) Break up the egg yolk and add vanilla essence.

    (2) Add fine granulated sugar and water into the pot and boil to make sugar liquid. Pour the sugar liquid into the egg yolk immediately. Do not pour it violently at one time. Add sugar liquid while beating the egg yolk quickly. The sugar liquid should be added slowly in a linear shape, and beat the egg yolk continuously until it is warm and white.

    (3) Heat cream cheese in hot water until smooth, add gelatine soaked in advance and mix well.

    (4) Mix 2 and 3, stir until smooth, and finally mix in the coffee solution.

  • Vanilla Cassida cream

    (1) Soak gelatine and set aside. Beat egg yolk. Add sugar and vanilla essence. Beat until slightly white. Mix in low powder.

    (2) Pour in the milk heated to slightly boiling, mix well, then sift and pour back into the milk pot.

    (3) Turn on a medium to low heat and stir while heating until thick. Don't paste the pot.

    (4) Mix the soaked Geely pudding away from the fire. Geely pudding is easy to condense into small pimples. Therefore, control the temperature well. If it is too high or too low, it will affect the finished product. Let it cool for standby. Be sure to cool thoroughly. You can also sit in ice water and stir it until it is cooled. Otherwise, mixing with light cream will melt the cream.

    (5) The light cream can be distributed by beating eight times. If there is resistance to flow, you can also refer to the viscosity of kastar after cooling. The two are almost OK. In this way, the final mixing is easier. The whipped light cream can be mixed with kastar twice.

  • Combination

    (1) Take a piece of cake and brush it with sugar and wine liquid as much as possible. The cake body is slightly dry compared with the ordinary egg sharing cake, because it needs to have a certain support. Evenly spread a layer of Cassida cream and smooth it.

    (2) Spread the second layer of cake slices brushed with sugar solution, put a little thinner coffee filling, and then spread the broken Caramel walnuts.

    (3) Continue to add a part of coffee filling and smooth it, then cover the third layer of cake, pour in a small amount of remaining coffee filling, smooth it on the surface of the cake, and finally lay Caramel walnuts.

    (4) Refrigerate and shape in the refrigerator. It's best to take it out for more than 3 hours. Take it out and cut it into pieces.


If you don't have time to finish the whole cake at one time, you can do it in two days. On the first day, you can make the cake body and caramel walnuts, and on the second day, it's much easier to finish the others.

On the whole, the cake is sweet. If students who are not addicted to sweets can reduce sugar in the sugar solution of kashda wine   But novices had better not change it casually, especially the filling part may directly affect the taste of the finished product.

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 100 g ) :
calories339.5 calories
carbohydrate32.5 g
cholesterol112 mg
fat22.5 g
fiber1.8 g
protein5 g
saturatedFat11.5 g
sodium89 mg
sugar24 g
transFat0.2 g


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