Easy beverage recipes for beginners

Homemade simple beverage recipe, you can easily make coffee, juice, milk tea, soy milk at home.

  • Homemade black bean soy milk recipe

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    Ingredients Black beans 30 g Black rice 30 g Black sesame 30 g Instructions Prepare ingredients. Pour black beans and black rice into a basin, add appropriate amount of water, […]

  • Easy salty soy milk recipe

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    Ingredients Soybeans 90 g clean water 700 g Deep-Fried Dough Sticks Half Vinegar 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon Sesame oil 1 tablespoon Chives one Seaweed one Mustard one Instructions […]

  • Easy homemade red dates soy milk recipe

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    Ingredients Soybeans 50g Red dates 10 capsules Instructions Soak the soybeans in water one night in advance. Wash the soaked soybeans and put them in a soyMilk machine to make […]

  • Apple red bean soy milk recipe

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    Ingredients Red bean 200 g Big Apple 1 Yellow rock sugar 15 g Water appropriate amount Instructions Clean the red beans, peel and cut the apples, and then put the […]

  • Chinese peanut soy milk recipe

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    Ingredients Soybeans 30 g Rice 10 g Millet 10 g Peanuts 5 g Sugar appropriate amount Water 1000ml Instructions Wash all the ingredients, put them all into the wall breaker […]

  • Homemade sweet corn juice recipe

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    Ingredients Milk 100ml Water 100ml sweet corn Half Millet 20g Instructions Prepare the ingredients, fresh sweet corn kernels, millet, pure milk (fresh milk is also OK). You can replace the […]

  • How to Make Rum Latte

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    Ingredients Coffee 1 part concentrated White rum 10 g Milk 120 g Marshmallow 2 pcs Cocoa powder appropriate amount Instructions Add 10g rum to the bottom of the glass. To […]

  • Easy mocha coffee recipe

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    Ingredients Milk 200ml Coffee powder 7 g Cocoa powder 10 g Instructions Use 7 grams of coffee powder to extract 25cc of espresso with an Italian coffee machine. Home-made can […]

  • How to make coffee filter garland (step by step)

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    Ingredients Espresso About 80ml. Milk About 100g Instructions Make a cup of expresso first, if you don’t have a coffee machine, you can make it by hand. Capacity depends on […]

  • How do you make milk tea step by step

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    Ingredients Rock sugar or white granulated sugar 40 g Black tea 25 g Purified water (clean water) 500 g Whole Milk 500 g Instructions Prepare a non-stick pan, add 40 […]

  • Strawberry Cream Cheese Milk Tea Recipe

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    Ingredients Cheese Milk Cover Cream cheese 40g Condensed milk 30g Milk 40g Light Cream 200ml Strawberry Smoothie Jasmine Green Tea 200ml Strawberry jam 75g Fresh strawberries 250g Ice Cube 150g […]

  • Simple Homemade Milk Tea Recipe

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    Ingredients Water 300 g Milk 1000 g Black tea 25 g Sugar (xylitol) 40g (30g) Instructions Prepare 25 grams of tea. Of course, you can adjust it to your liking. […]