Best Crispy Pineapple Pie Recipe

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Melt the butter in the pot, add diced pineapple, stir fry until the water dries

Best Crispy Pineapple Pie Recipe
Level: Easy
Yield: 6 servings


PineApple 1 / 4
Butter 10 g
Rock sugar 10 g
Water 100 g
Corn starch A small spoon
yolk 1


  • Melt the butter in the pot, add diced pineapple, stir fry until the water dries.

    Crispy pineapple pie
  • Pour water into the bottom of the pot, put 10g rock sugar, boil the water over low heat for ten minutes, and cook until soft and rotten.

    Crispy pineapple pie
  • Put a spoonful of starch in a bowl and turn it into water.

    Crispy pineapple pie
  • Boil the pineapple until there is a little water left. Pour in water starch and stir well.

    Crispy pineapple pie
  • Out of the pot.

    Crispy pineapple pie
  • The baking tray is padded with oil paper, put a piece of scratch cake, and spread the pineapple sauce.

    Crispy pineapple pie
  • Then cover a hand cake and press out the lace.

    Crispy pineapple pie
  • Brush the Egg liquid, sprinkle some sesame seeds, preheat 180 degrees up and down, and bake in the middle layer for 15 minutes.

    Crispy pineapple pie
  • Come out.

    Crispy pineapple pie

Nutrition Facts

Per Serving ( 159 g ) :
calories437 calories
carbohydrate73 g
cholesterol3.8 mg
fat16 g
fiber2.3 g
protein3.5 g
saturatedFat7.2 g
sodium289 mg
sugar48 g
transFat0.1 g


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