Cake recipes easy to make

There are many kinds of simple cake recipes for beginners to make at home. You can easily make delicious chocolate cake or vanilla cake.

  • Durian strawberry cake recipe

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    Ingredients Chiffon Cake Base Corn oil 40 g Pure Milk 45 g Caster sugar 50 g Low-gluten flour 50 g Yolk 3 (about 55g) Egg white 3 (about 105 g) […]

  • Easy taro cream cake recipe

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    Ingredients Milk tea chiffon embryo Egg 2 Milk 25g Black tea 4g Vegetable oil 20 g Low-gluten flour 33 g Caster sugar 40g lemon juice A few drops Taro paste […]

  • Simple soy milk honey cake recipe

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    Ingredients High-gluten flour 80 g Egg 2 Yolk 1 Granulated sugar 80g Honey 30 g Soybean Milk 40 ml Salad oil 15 ml Instructions Put the eggs and sugar in […]

  • Easy chocolate muffin cake recipe

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    Ingredients Butter 50g Caster sugar 60g Dark Chocolate 85g Egg 25g Milk 75g Low-gluten flour 120g baking soda 1 / 2 spoon Chocolate beans 50g Instructions Melt the chocolate over […]

  • Easy cream cheese cake recipe

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    Ingredients Cream Cheese 230g Egg 2 Lemon One Equal candy 5 small strips unsalted butter 100ml Coffee powder 5 g Instructions Prepare all the ingredients. The cream cheese becomes soft […]

  • How to Make Pork Floss Cake

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    Ingredients Egg 4 low-gluten flour 65 g Corn starch 10 g Fine granulated sugar 40 g Milk 50 g Salt 2 g vegetable oil 40g Instructions Separate the egg white […]

  • Easy coffee chiffon cake recipe

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    Ingredients Eggs (large) 4 Fine granulated sugar 90g low-gluten flour 78g Instant coffee powder 6.5g Warm water 52g Corn oil 35g Hot water 4g Instructions Preheat the oven to 180 […]

  • Matcha Red Bean Mousse Cake Recipe

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    Ingredients Light cream 200g Butter 70g Digest biscuits 70g Oreo One bag (not required) Gelatin powder 10g Matcha powder 10g (can be added by yourself) Milk 30g+20g Cocoa powder Appropriate […]

  • Easy Coffee Cake Roll Recipe

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    Ingredients Egg (with shell 60g) 5 (egg yolk) 80-85 g (protein) 170-180 g Corn oil 50 g Fresh Milk 65-70g Sugar free instant coffee powder 6 g Low gluten powder […]

  • Longan Pecan Cake Recipe

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    Ingredients low-gluten flour 300g Salt free butter 120g Sour cream 300ml berry sugar 150g Egg 2 Vanilla extract 2 teaspoons baking powder 2 teaspoons soda ash 1 / 2 teaspoon […]

  • How to make cheese cake pieces

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    Ingredients Cream Cheese 140g Plain yogurt (Greek type) 45g berry sugar 40g Egg (with shell weighing about 65g) 1 Corn starch 10g Instructions Separate the egg yolk protein from the […]